Family Office

SJC Capital LLC (formerly Steven J Cohen CFA) is a global non-custodial multi-family office consultancy specialising in quality discrete investment management services for exclusive individuals and multi-generational wealth. A registered investment advisor in California USA, headquartered in St. Petersburg Florida, with professional oversight by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute. Referrals are made to other best-in-class specialists bringing the full range of family office services without conflict of interest inherent in full service entities.

Our “Go To” solutions:

  • Best practice adopted from the UK wealthiest family
  • Experience in allocating for billion dollar portfolios
  • Proven success throughout the economic and investment cycle
  • Use of the most productive technologies (A.I. since 2019)
  • See though transparency for client funds
  • Best custodial service
  • Best liquidity service
  • Bespoke investment universe for specific ethical, organisational or performance requirements
  • Highest professional qualifications
  • Evolving solutions for private equity, venture capital, direct lending and real estate