Our A.I.’s Stock-Picking August Realised Results

The A.I. assesses Econometric, Fundamental, Qualitative, Quantitative, Technical and Traditional data and, sentiment from documentation and news flow.

Trade, FX, Ticker, Dates, P&L, Contribution

Long, USD, AMZN, May28-Aug9, -1.18%, -0.03%

Long, USD, ESNT, May28-Aug9, -2.1%, -0.02%

Long, USD, LRCX, May28-Aug9, 8.73%, 0.09%

Short, USD, MAC, May28-Aug9, 23.57% 0.69%

Total Month Realised Return: 0.73%

Net cumulative return 39% (Jan17-Aug19) and Sharp Ratio 1.1, MSCI ACWI universe 29% and 0.69.

Immediate transparency, 3 day full liquidity, 3rd party custodian.

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