Our A.I.’s Stock-Picking September Realised Results

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Short, EUR, APAM, Jun27-Sep24, 6.29%, 0.21%

Short, EUR, VAS, Jun27-Sep24, 17.89, 0.46%

Long, HKD, 3968, Jun27-Sep24, -9.16%, -0.07%

Long, HKD, 688, Jun27-Sep24, -13.32%, -0.24%

Long, USD, EBR, Jun27-Sep24, 11.21%, 0.09%

Long, USD, LKOD, Mar22-Sep24, -6.32%, -0.04%

Gross Month Realised Return: 0.41%

Net cumulative return 36% (Jan17-Sep19) and Sharp Ratio 0.98 against it’s ACWI universe 31% and 0.74.

Immediate transparency, 3 day full liquidity, 3rd party custodian.

The A.I. assesses Econometric, Fundamental, Qualitative, Quantitative, Technical and Traditional data and, sentiment from documentation and news flow.

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